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The Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride
Riding Back To Life

In 2018 they thought he would never walk again...

Riding Back to Life is a story of Matt Crowe’s inspirational journey from quadriplegia to attempt the Triple Bypass bicycle ride. The Triple Bypass is a 120-mile bike ride over three of Colorado's most challenging mountain passes. It has become an international favorite for avid bike enthusiasts and an amazing accomplishment for the 4,500 riders who attempt the ride each year. In June of 2018, Matt was in a catastrophic mountain biking accident which caused a complete dislocation of his neck. The early prognosis from his team of surgeons was grim -- Matt would never walk again. The images from radiology made it undeniably clear to everyone. Everyone but Matt. For him it was a miracle when he first managed to move a finger. Then he moved his hand. Eventually, he was able to stand. And then walk. Matt was driven to make those first small steps by his faith, his family's support and by his unfaltering dream -- to recover and somehow ride the Triple Bypass in June of 2019, just one year after his accident. Riding Back to Life is a short documentary about Matt's inspirational journey of courage, perseverance and hope, set within the drama of the Triple Bypass Bike Ride and the breathtaking scenery of Colorado's majestic mountains.


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